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Icehouse In Concert (3LP)

Produced by Iva Davies and bass player Steve Bull, ICEHOUSE: In Concert features tracks recorded during various performances from the band’s touring schedule from October 2014 through to February 2015. Iva, Steve and the band sorted through hours and hours of recordings to choose the very best versions of each track to compile the album. With no overdubs or studio trickery, the album is a genuine representation of what it sounds like to be live at an ICEHOUSE concert and features the line-up that has been touring since the band returned to performing in 2011.


  1. Walls
  2. Mr Big
  3. Love in Motion
  4. Crazy
  5. Hey Little Girl
  6. Electric Blue
  7. Baby, You’re So Strange
  8. Heartbreak Kid
  9. Dusty Pages
  10. Street Cafe
  11. Man of Colours
  12. Miss Divine
  13. Don’t Believe Anymore
  14. Great Southern Land
  15. Can't Help Myself
  16. Nothing Too Serious
  17. We Can Get Together
  18. Icehouse
  19. Cross the Border
  20. Sister