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Icehouse Plays Flowers: Live (CD)

October 10, 2020 marked the 40th anniversary of the release of Flowers' debut album, Icehouse.

The 40th anniversary celebration of Icehouse truly started in February when the band played at the St. Kilda Festival which was also celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2020. Flowers had played at the very first St. Kilda Festival in 1980 and ICEHOUSE was invited back to acknowledge and repeat the historical association. That performance, titled ICEHOUSE Plays Flowers, was enthusiastically received by the thousands of fans attending. ICEHOUSE played many of the songs from the debut album, as well as a few cover songs that Flowers were well known for playing.


  1. Icehouse
  2. Walls
  3. Introduction
  4. Not My Kind
  5. Sister
  6. Skin
  7. The Jean Genie
  8. Fatman
  9. Boulevarde
  10. Get It On
  11. Can't Help Myself
  12. Pretty Vacant
  13. We Can Get Together
  14. Great Southern Land