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White Heat: 30 Hits (2CD)

White Heat brings together every single from FLOWERS/ICEHOUSE ever released worldwide. White Heat: 30 Hits, will reunite and excite fans from all over the world with a 3 disc set containing two audio CDs, each with 15 songs in chronological order of their release, and a DVD with 32 film clips from over the years

The album takes you on a journey through the band’s amazing music career, combining decades of history in one album with hit songs, such as Great Southern Land, Hey Little Girl, Crazy and Electric Blue that have won fans all over the world.

Connecting with the history of the music, the packaging of the album will also include a 16 page booklet with images of the band from each album era and single cover artwork.


CD 1

  1. Can't Help Myself
  2. We Can Get Together
  3. Walls
  4. Icehouse
  5. Love in Motion (Original Single Mix)
  6. Great Southern Land
  7. Hey, Little Girl
  8. Street Cafe
  9. Glam
  10. Taking The Town
  11. Don't Believe Anymore
  12. Dusty Pages
  13. No Promises
  14. Baby, You're So Strange
  15. Mr Big

CD 2

  1. Cross The Border
  2. Crazy
  3. Electric Blue
  4. My Obsession
  5. Man Of Colours
  6. Nothing Too Serious
  7. Touch The Fire
  8. Jimmy Dean
  9. Big Fun
  10. Miss Divine
  11. Anything is possible
  12. Satellite
  13. Big Wheel
  14. Invisible People
  15. Love In Motion (w/ Christina Amphlett)